How to Get Rid Flies From Your Home

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Flies are winged insect carriers of germs, germs, viruses and bacteria. Flies are very fond of the place is dirty and smells like a pile of garbage. They will spread the disease through germs, viruses, bacteria carried on their feet and move it to food is not covered when they landed. Various ways can be done to get rid of the flies from your home such as using glue flies or kill them using the tool.

how to get rid flies from your house
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Flies do not have teeth like other insects so that when they eat, fly would regurgitate their stomach fluid from the surface to solid foods, and began to suck back the liquid. In this way they eat. This proves that the flies are so dirty and disgusting. Flies also much related to the spread of various diseases such as typhoid and dysentery. The way to repel flies from your home is not as easy as you think. Flies have very good eyesight and ability to fly fast and agile. If you've ever tried to hit or kill a fly, of course you will know how difficult it is to kill a fly. Here are some ways to chase the flies away from your home.

Get Rid Flies From Your Home

Find the source of the flies
Flies like places that are dirty, humid, garbage, and rotten. Look around your home and neighborhood. Are there any areas that attract flies or maggots thrive? Composting of garbage, landfills, or storage area could be the main suspect. Such areas should be cleaned or given cover if possible.

Do not let the flies get into your home
More difficult to cast flies into the house. Try closing the windows and doors in your home to prevent the flies to enter. Or if you do not want to block the sunlight and fresh air into the room of your house, try to order the doors and windows you have a screen or protective nets.

Keep clean
Flies like a filthy-dirty and attracted by a sweet taste and smell bad. Clean all surfaces and make sure they do not stick because of spillage or leftovers. Make sure the garbage in the bag tied, and a closed trash can.

Close all meals
Cleanliness is very important to repel flies. Closing the food not only protect from flies, but also from microorganisms and oxidation. Flies attracted by ripe fruit, so try to use these foods covered. In addition, the particularly close meat, because flies like the smell of meat.

Conventional chemical sprays is effective, but is also toxic. Herbs are the natural defenses of the flies. One trick to make the flies away and recommended experts are with basil, lemongrass and keep them near the door, where the flies to enter. Some people mention the essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus, effective to repel flies.

There are many clever tricks to make the flies away. One of the try is flypaper glue the paper with a sweet aroma that flies trapped. There is also flyswatters, both of which use electric and non-electric.


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