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How to Get Rid Cockroaches From Your Home Naturally

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One of the unwelcome arrival of animals in the house other than mice are cockroaches. These insects are often found in the bathroom or in the kitchen which is where most favored by cockroaches. This insect likes moist areas, such as the bottom of the sink or kitchen cabinet. Therefore it is very important to have good air circulation and drainage smoothly. Cockroaches are insects that potentially carry gross variety of harmful bacteria that spread the disease. How to prevent the appearance of cockroaches in the house is actually very easy to do, here are some ways to prevent cockroaches get into your home:

  • Always place the food and place in a sealed condition. Cockroaches will be difficult to find and get a food source that could make them feel at home.
  • Cockroaches can not survive without food and water. Be sure to clean up anything that could be used as a source of food and beverages cockroach. The house is clean and tidy will help minimize the cockroach population.
  • Make sure to put the garbage or leftover food outside the home in order not to become a source of food cockroach.
  • Increase the intensity of sweeping and vacuuming as this will help clean up food crumbs and leftovers from the floor, dining table and kitchen cabinet that will invite cockroaches to come closer.
Get Rid Cockroaches From Your Home Naturally
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There are a variety of chemicals and insecticides that can be used to kill cockroaches. However, all of these chemicals can also damage the environment and have adverse effects on human health, including your family. There are some natural ways to keep your home safe from attack cockroach. Here are some of them.

Getting Rid Cockroaches From Your Home Naturally

Repel and get rid of cockroaches
How to repel cockroaches is quite easy, prepare the following materials only select one of the ingredients. Thin slices of these materials in the container, and place it in a container, you can use a cup and place the cup in a place where there were lots of cockroaches or cockroaches are often bypassed. Odor contained in these materials so hated by cockroaches, if the materials are depleted or dry, simply replace it with a new one. These materials are lemon, cucumber, bay leaf, camphor, lavender. This method is also commonly used to repel rats in the house.

Killing cockroaches you meet
With killed instantly when she saw a cockroach is expected to break the life cycle of the cockroach. Trampled or use a tool if you feel disgusted or amused. But if you are afraid to approach, you can use soapy water or detergent water that you can spray in places where there are many roaches.

Breaking the Cycle of Life Cockroaches
Cockroaches can not survive without food and water. Be sure to clean up anything that could be used as a source of food and beverages cockroach. The house is clean and tidy will help minimize the cockroach population. Be sure to put the garbage or leftover food outside the home, so as not to become a source of food cockroach. Keep food in closed containers and do not leave it open too long. In addition to eliminating a source of food, another way to eradicate cockroaches is by making sure there is no water supply for drinking a cockroach.

According to a report published by the University of Florida, the cockroach can live for two weeks without food, but they can last up to 42 days with only water to drink. Water from the leaking pipe is commonly used by cockroaches as a source of water. Place under the sink is another favorite place for cockroaches. So make sure these places dry cutting off water supplies to a cockroach. Keep in places that often there are many cockroaches, with a clean environment it means that cockroaches will not be approached.

Cockroach trap and Natural Predator
In addition to the above methods, other methods to kill cockroaches is to install non-toxic traps around the house. One type of cockroach trap works as an adhesive so that the cockroach did not get into the house. Cockroaches also have a large number of natural predators. Lizards, birds, rats, toads, and frogs all make a cockroach as their main food. Make sure not to disturb the habitat of natural predators, to ensure that cockroach populations under control.

In addition to the above, below are some alternative ways to eradicate cockroaches naturally:

Another way is to use jasmine, placed just beside the cupboard or the corners of the room, or if you want to get rid of cockroaches in the bathroom, you can put jasmine flowers beside the toilet, smell of jasmine can repel cockroaches and make the room smell good, if you have trouble getting jasmine, you can replace it with a lavender flower seeds.

Pepper leaves
With pepper leaves we also can eradicate cockroaches. Thin slices and then spread to the room where cockroaches frequent passing. And if the leaves are dry and discolored, simply replaced with new leaves, so that cockroaches quickly away from your home.

Besides being able to repel cockroaches naturally, can also be used to repel ants. Take pepper and mashed to a fine powder, then add water until it becomes a paste. Then take a brush and rub the herb into areas that often become a nest of cockroaches and ants. The most effective way to repel cockroaches in the cupboard and dining table, apply on the legs of a table or cabinet. Guaranteed cockroaches and ants will not be approached.

Cockroaches do not like pungent odor. So put mothballs in the usual places traversed by cockroaches. Can be placed whole or crushed.

Put a handful of lavender flower seeds in a container and place it in the bathroom or drawer. The smell of lavender flower seeds will repel cockroaches and freshen the room.

How to Get Rid Termites From Your Home Naturally

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These small insects are included in the category of social insects (groups), such as ants and bees. Termites will survive in groups or colonies, in a way that termites can get their needs for survival. Termites build nests form of long hallways were made of soil, and the hallway leading to the place they were looking for food. In some areas there are termites that build their homes with very high made of earth mound.

Basically the presence of termites in your home difficult to detect. If a lot of wood in your home suffered loss, then you know it. Wood-eating insect is small, it could take wooden beams measuring 4 meters in less than 6 months. This will inevitably harm the structure of the wooden furniture of your home.

How to get rid termite from your home
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Termites are the bane of furniture made of wood. Termites eat wood and lodged in the frame home furnishing or causing many economic losses. The existence of this termite can certainly cause harm and damage to furniture made of wood. Actually, you can use anti-termite to eradicate this wood-eating insects. However, drugs that contain chemicals harmful to health and is certainly advisable to use natural ingredients that are proven effective in killing termites. Here are some ways to kill or get rid of termites naturally.

Getting Rid Termites From Your Home

Tobacco is toxic to many species of insects, tobacco is also effective in getting rid of termites in your home. How to make it is by soaking tobacco in water overnight, it is to remove the toxins in tobacco to come out and mixed or dissolved in water. Spray the mixture of tobacco on termites, or you can also spray the tobacco mixture directly into termite nests. Liquid toxins in tobacco is effectively kill termites.

Salt is also effective to kill or get rid of termites. Just sprinkle enough salt in termite nests, but this method is less effective because salt only on the surface. To be more effective, able to mix the salt with water and tobacco. Let stand for one night and spray in places where there are a lot of termites.

You can also use kerosene to repel termites. The trick is to spray kerosene on wood that has been attacked by termites or also spray in termite nests. To be effective, you can also add the citronella oil into kerosene.

You can use rice to repel termites. The trick, soak rice in water until the water changes color to whitish, then spray in termite nest area, the termites will move away from the wooden furniture in your house.

How to Get Rid Snakes From Your Home

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If your home is close to the outdoors, fields and bushes it could at any time there is a snake that enters your home. Then how to repel snakes from inside the house, yard and garage space in your home? Getting rid of snakes in the area of your home does not have to kill them, just expel the snake to stay away from the home area. Many people say that the snake is an animal that is scary, disgusting, ridiculous, and so on. However, not all types of snakes ought to be despised. Because, basically, snakes only attack when they feel disturbed, most other snake species will only defense or to protect themselves when there is interference. Many facts about snakes that not many people know. Most of you will shudder and instantly kill any notice these reptiles.

Actually you do not kill this snake, because indirectly they participate in maintaining the continuity of the ecosystem. You do not need to kill this snake, just capture or drive them away from your home, to reduce the harmful effect on your family.

getting rid of snakes from your home
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There is a wrong notion and myth, that in order to avoid the snake attacks can be done with salt (sodium chloride). In fact, it turns out wrong! Snakes do not fear at all of the salt. Because basically snakes are not slimy or animal species commonly called mollusks. Thus, the salt will have no effect to repel snakes. Here are some pointers if you find a snake in your house or yard.

  • Try not to panic.
  • Do not make sudden movements that could provoke the snake to attack you. Snakes only attack if they feel threatened.
  • Try to identify the type of snake. Whether it is a kind of poisonous snakes or snakes that are not poisonous. Generally snakes found entry to the residential area in the desert or in the hot areas are rattlesnakes. And if your house is located in a tropical area, Cobra is a venomous snake species found in many tropical regions.
  • Throw out the snakes away from home. If possible, and there is sufficient courage of course, you can catch the snake by confining them by using containers such as buckets. Do not kill the snake because the snake somehow useful to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.
  • To repel snakes to stay away from the house or yard, use a wooden stick, broom handle or using a long-handled whatever, it does have a purpose that you do not contact too close to the snake.
  • You need to consider that there are several types of snakes like the Cobra, which can be sprayed poison into your eyes. Therefore, use safety glasses, gloves and protective clothing from snake venom which is dangerous for your safety. Avoid bursts of venom into the eyes, nostrils, mouth or broken skin surface.
  • And the most important thing is to contact animal control center, fire department, or other relevant personnel to obtain a more professional handlers to repel snakes.

All about snakes you need to know:

1. Snakes are not animals which have nests. This means that they do not choose a specific place to settle down for a long time. Snakes are nomadic animals. They are always on the move to find food. While in the area many rats, toads, then they will stay there until the food source runs out.

2. Snakes are not afraid of salt! It's a myth that most people know that if we sprinkle salt, then the snake will go away. It turns out wrong!

3. Snake scared with fragrance smelling. Probably the easiest way is to repel snakes to spray with air freshener or perfume for the body. If a snake trapped in a room. Tightly cap the room, spray with air freshener and leaving an opening hole which is connected to the outside, where we expect the snake will avoid scented air freshener, and run out through the hole. You can set a trap in the form of a sack or container in the gap of the exit hole.

5. Snake scared or always avoid clawed animals such as cats and dogs. Snakes always avoid animal's claws. Interestingly, the fight between a snake vs cat, the cat is always a winner when they fight.

6. There are two possibilities snakes get into your home. The first possibility because they lost, and go into your house. The second possibility, the sensor captures there was a rat or something edible in the house. If in the house there are a lot of rats, it is possible that the snake will fit into your home. Prevent by always cleaning the warehouse and the room, which can be used mice to nest. Because the snake like a dark and quiet.

7. The Cobra Snake active on level ground. In contrast to Python is adept at climbing trees, fence, pole house, because it is often found in plasterboard houses.

8. Kobra actively foraging at night and silent sleep during the day. Also vigilant when it's raining. Snakes will be out to keep warm from the cold hole after the rain. Flood plain also dragged the snake from its nest and possibly stranded in your home.

How to Get Rid of Rats & Mice in Your Home

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Have you ever felt angry with the number of rats and mice in your house, get annoyed because their sound is noisy or even feel disgusted with their droppings scattered about? Rats and mice are pests for most people, they will enter your home when they are interested in something that invite their attention such as food, a comfortable place for rats, dark and warm places, etc. The best and effective way to avoid annoying problem is to prevent the presence of rats and mice itself. Make sure rats and mice do not feel invited or be tempted to come to your home.

Rat has many types and generally all types of mice is rodent except shrews. These types of mice such as field mice, rats, house mice, shrews, etc. Rat is also a kind of omnivore (eating everything) so when they run out of food in their natural habitat, they will try to find other available foods, including foods that exist in your home.

Rats and mice love the place and the room was dark, cluttered, a little damp and poorly maintained clean. Such as mice and other rodents, rats liked the room cluttered, dark and dirty. Rats will eat anything similar to what we humans eat, and as consumers of the same food, to keep these foods out of their reach an effective way to prevent rodents into your home. Clean up crumbs, oil, and remnants of food.

Getting Rid of Rats & Mice in Your Home
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And the most annoying is when the rat has found a comfortable place with plenty of food, they will feel at home and will be settled in the long term, it means that as long as they live rats and mice will multiply rapidly. If you do not want it to happen in your home, here are some effective ways to repel rodents from your home.

Getting Rid of Rats & Mice in Your Home

Keep your house stays clean
As I explained above, rats and mice like places or rooms were dirty, dark and messy. Maintain the cleanliness of all the existing space in your home will make the rats do not feel at home and will certainly go out of your house and look for a new place to stay.

Keep a pet as a predator rats and mice
In its natural habitat, owls, hawks, cats, snakes, etc. is a natural predator of rats and mice. Now you can keep an animal is an enemy or predator rats and mice. Be sure to keep a pet that is not harmful to your family such as cats, dogs and owls. This pet will eat rats and mice in your home or at least expel rats and mice go out of your house.

Mousetrap is a solution that is easy and you can use it to repel rodents. Mousetrap has many types, trap set to kill rats or just to catch them. And I personally prefer the trap does not kill rats and mice, the reason is when you kill rats or mice with the trap (my own experience) it will be more rats and mice are entering your home.

I will give effective tips to repel rats, using traps to catch rats or mice. When you successfully catch rats or mice do not kill them, take the white or red paint (or other striking colors) then use to paint fur rats or mice that you successfully catch. Once the paint is dry on the fur, release and let roam in your home. Rats or mice that you paint with striking colors will repel other mice in your home, why did it happen? Because mice and other rodents that exist in your home (may number in the dozens) they will be afraid of the rats that we paint with striking colors, and you can prove it works.

Using rat poison
Many rat poison in pet stores offered at an affordable price, there is a rat poison that will kill the rats and mice into an open space before they die, so it is easy to dispose of dead rats easily without we need to find in the dark or hidden room. But if you are concerned about the impact of rat poison on the safety of other pets in your home, you can use natural ingredients to kill rats and mice. Here are some useful materials repel and kill rats:

Herbs and spices
Spices or herbs are hated by rats is garlic, pepper, lemongrass, orange peel, durian, mint leaves. Use one of the materials available in your home and then thinly sliced and placed in a room that a lot of rats and mice, rats or other rodents will run away from your home.

How to Get Rid Lizards and Geckos Naturally

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Lizard and gecko is a reptile that is included in the family Gekkonidae. For some people, this reptile is nuisance animals because feces are smelly and nasty, leaving a bad odor around the rooms of your house. Lizards and geckos eat ants, small insects and are usually found in trees and the environment around the house. Actually, geckos and lizards help sustain ecosystems in reducing the number of mosquitoes, ants and other small insects in our homes.

Most people do not like the lizard because of the shape of the body structure is ridiculous and creepy. Lizards and geckos also often noisy sound many times, especially at night. In addition lizard and gecko also likes to eat food in the kitchen. That means lizard and gecko could carry disease into your home environment.

get rid lizards and geckos naturally
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Using chemicals to kill the lizard and gecko certainly could endanger the safety of your family members, even residues of chemicals that you use in this reptile repellent supplies, could have been left in the room of your home in a long time. Here are some ways that you can use to repel lizard and gecko in your home environment in a natural way.

Get Rid Lizards and Geckos Naturally

Coffee and snuff
You can kill lizards and geckos using this material. Prepare the coffee powder and powdered tobacco ratio of 4: 1 it means that if you use 4 tablespoons of powdered coffee, then you have to prepare and mix with 1 tablespoon powdered tobacco. Mixed use less water and form into small spheres such as pellets and then placed in a room that many lizards or geckos. This reptile would be attracted by the smell of coffee and when they eat it, lizard or gecko will be killed by tobacco toxins.

Combine powdered pepper and a little water and use to spray a spot that is often bypassed by the lizard and gecko. Lizards and geckos do not like the smell of pepper pungent, and they will leave your house. This method is proven to repel lizard and gecko.

Red onion
This way methods such as pepper water. Red onions create an eye sore on these reptiles, thinly sliced red onion and place in a room that is often bypassed by the lizard and gecko. This will make the lizard eyes stinging and smell of onion has a pungent odor that is hated by the lizard and gecko. Besides using red onion you can also use garlic and it is also effective to repel lizard and gecko from inside your home.

Egg shells
According to some studies suggest that eggshells can be used and have a psychological effect to bully lizards. Because egg shells that you place in the area are lizards and geckos, lizards would leave the place with the assumption that other organisms in areas that are consuming their eggs. Replace the egg shells after every 3-4 weeks until the lizard and gecko away from your home.

How To Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

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Smoking is an activity that is detrimental to health. Diseases associated with smoking activities such as lung cancer, heart attacks, cancer of the mouth and throat, etc. Besides adverse general health, smoking also cause health problems such as skin becomes darker skin, dry and dull. One health problem that affects many smokers are their lips skin become darker. The beauty of natural lip color will disappear and be replaced with a darker lip.

Not only in the area of ​​the lips, the dark color of the lips can also occur on the skin around the mouth. The abundance of the content of tobacco, tar, nicotine, the heat from the smoke, broken capillaries, or lack of oxygen supply was the main reason dark on the lips. Many smokers find ways how to restore the natural color of the skin of the lips, safely and naturally. Black lips make some people uncomfortable and lose confidence.

how to lighten dark lips naturally
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Drinking lots of water will keep your lips hydrated and get natural color back. Here are some home remedies to get rid of the bad effects of smoking as reported Health.India:

Home Remedies for Dark Lips

Lemon and honey
Lemon helps to change the color of the lips as a scrub and honey helps maintain moisture and makes the skin of the lips become softer. To make this mixture, take honey and lemon juice in equal amounts, then mix well and apply on your lips. Allow about 20 to 30 minutes or until the mixture dries and rinse with clean water.

Glycerin and lemon
This mask is best used before you go to bed. Mix glycerin and lemon juice in equal quantity and apply on your lips, all night. The next day, wash with clean water.

Almond oil and honey
This mixture using almonds and honey to change the color of your lips. Mix a little almond oil and honey in equal amounts, and apply on your lips. Then allow about 30 minutes and wash with clean water. Use this mask every three to four times a day for the sake of the best results.

Toothbrush with exfoliation
This is very simple way to exfoliate your lips. All you need is to moisturize your lips with petroleum jelly or olive oil and a soft toothbrush. Apply petroleum jelly or olive oil on your lips and use a soft toothbrush to exfoliate the skin. Run the brush over your lips with a gentle circular motion for 3-4 minutes. Then, wash your mouth with warm water and use a moisturizer to maintain moisture.

Sugar and lemon
This method can also exfoliate skin of the lips. Take a teaspoon of sugar, add a few drops of olive oil and lemon, mix. Now take the paste and apply on your lips. Gently massage the lips in a circular motion with the aim that the skin on the lips peel. After all the sugar is dissolved and falls, flush with normal water.

Rose petals and milk
The roses have a very amazing effects for your lips. Not only gives the pink hue, but also nourishes the skin. Package of milk and rose petals is excellent for exfoliation lips and make them look more sexy.

To make this mask mixed paste of fresh rose petals, add milk cream and honey, stirring to form a paste. Apply to lips and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash it first with milk and then water. Home remedies can moisturize your skin properly. But remember, the treatment will only give good results in the long-term use.

How to Get Rid Flies From Your Home

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Flies are winged insect carriers of germs, germs, viruses and bacteria. Flies are very fond of the place is dirty and smells like a pile of garbage. They will spread the disease through germs, viruses, bacteria carried on their feet and move it to food is not covered when they landed. Various ways can be done to get rid of the flies from your home such as using glue flies or kill them using the tool.

how to get rid flies from your house
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Flies do not have teeth like other insects so that when they eat, fly would regurgitate their stomach fluid from the surface to solid foods, and began to suck back the liquid. In this way they eat. This proves that the flies are so dirty and disgusting. Flies also much related to the spread of various diseases such as typhoid and dysentery. The way to repel flies from your home is not as easy as you think. Flies have very good eyesight and ability to fly fast and agile. If you've ever tried to hit or kill a fly, of course you will know how difficult it is to kill a fly. Here are some ways to chase the flies away from your home.

Get Rid Flies From Your Home

Find the source of the flies
Flies like places that are dirty, humid, garbage, and rotten. Look around your home and neighborhood. Are there any areas that attract flies or maggots thrive? Composting of garbage, landfills, or storage area could be the main suspect. Such areas should be cleaned or given cover if possible.

Do not let the flies get into your home
More difficult to cast flies into the house. Try closing the windows and doors in your home to prevent the flies to enter. Or if you do not want to block the sunlight and fresh air into the room of your house, try to order the doors and windows you have a screen or protective nets.

Keep clean
Flies like a filthy-dirty and attracted by a sweet taste and smell bad. Clean all surfaces and make sure they do not stick because of spillage or leftovers. Make sure the garbage in the bag tied, and a closed trash can.

Close all meals
Cleanliness is very important to repel flies. Closing the food not only protect from flies, but also from microorganisms and oxidation. Flies attracted by ripe fruit, so try to use these foods covered. In addition, the particularly close meat, because flies like the smell of meat.

Conventional chemical sprays is effective, but is also toxic. Herbs are the natural defenses of the flies. One trick to make the flies away and recommended experts are with basil, lemongrass and keep them near the door, where the flies to enter. Some people mention the essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus, effective to repel flies.

There are many clever tricks to make the flies away. One of the try is flypaper glue the paper with a sweet aroma that flies trapped. There is also flyswatters, both of which use electric and non-electric.