How to Get Rid Cockroaches From Your Home Naturally

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One of the unwelcome arrival of animals in the house other than mice are cockroaches. These insects are often found in the bathroom or in the kitchen which is where most favored by cockroaches. This insect likes moist areas, such as the bottom of the sink or kitchen cabinet. Therefore it is very important to have good air circulation and drainage smoothly. Cockroaches are insects that potentially carry gross variety of harmful bacteria that spread the disease. How to prevent the appearance of cockroaches in the house is actually very easy to do, here are some ways to prevent cockroaches get into your home:

  • Always place the food and place in a sealed condition. Cockroaches will be difficult to find and get a food source that could make them feel at home.
  • Cockroaches can not survive without food and water. Be sure to clean up anything that could be used as a source of food and beverages cockroach. The house is clean and tidy will help minimize the cockroach population.
  • Make sure to put the garbage or leftover food outside the home in order not to become a source of food cockroach.
  • Increase the intensity of sweeping and vacuuming as this will help clean up food crumbs and leftovers from the floor, dining table and kitchen cabinet that will invite cockroaches to come closer.
Get Rid Cockroaches From Your Home Naturally
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There are a variety of chemicals and insecticides that can be used to kill cockroaches. However, all of these chemicals can also damage the environment and have adverse effects on human health, including your family. There are some natural ways to keep your home safe from attack cockroach. Here are some of them.

Getting Rid Cockroaches From Your Home Naturally

Repel and get rid of cockroaches
How to repel cockroaches is quite easy, prepare the following materials only select one of the ingredients. Thin slices of these materials in the container, and place it in a container, you can use a cup and place the cup in a place where there were lots of cockroaches or cockroaches are often bypassed. Odor contained in these materials so hated by cockroaches, if the materials are depleted or dry, simply replace it with a new one. These materials are lemon, cucumber, bay leaf, camphor, lavender. This method is also commonly used to repel rats in the house.

Killing cockroaches you meet
With killed instantly when she saw a cockroach is expected to break the life cycle of the cockroach. Trampled or use a tool if you feel disgusted or amused. But if you are afraid to approach, you can use soapy water or detergent water that you can spray in places where there are many roaches.

Breaking the Cycle of Life Cockroaches
Cockroaches can not survive without food and water. Be sure to clean up anything that could be used as a source of food and beverages cockroach. The house is clean and tidy will help minimize the cockroach population. Be sure to put the garbage or leftover food outside the home, so as not to become a source of food cockroach. Keep food in closed containers and do not leave it open too long. In addition to eliminating a source of food, another way to eradicate cockroaches is by making sure there is no water supply for drinking a cockroach.

According to a report published by the University of Florida, the cockroach can live for two weeks without food, but they can last up to 42 days with only water to drink. Water from the leaking pipe is commonly used by cockroaches as a source of water. Place under the sink is another favorite place for cockroaches. So make sure these places dry cutting off water supplies to a cockroach. Keep in places that often there are many cockroaches, with a clean environment it means that cockroaches will not be approached.

Cockroach trap and Natural Predator
In addition to the above methods, other methods to kill cockroaches is to install non-toxic traps around the house. One type of cockroach trap works as an adhesive so that the cockroach did not get into the house. Cockroaches also have a large number of natural predators. Lizards, birds, rats, toads, and frogs all make a cockroach as their main food. Make sure not to disturb the habitat of natural predators, to ensure that cockroach populations under control.

In addition to the above, below are some alternative ways to eradicate cockroaches naturally:

Another way is to use jasmine, placed just beside the cupboard or the corners of the room, or if you want to get rid of cockroaches in the bathroom, you can put jasmine flowers beside the toilet, smell of jasmine can repel cockroaches and make the room smell good, if you have trouble getting jasmine, you can replace it with a lavender flower seeds.

Pepper leaves
With pepper leaves we also can eradicate cockroaches. Thin slices and then spread to the room where cockroaches frequent passing. And if the leaves are dry and discolored, simply replaced with new leaves, so that cockroaches quickly away from your home.

Besides being able to repel cockroaches naturally, can also be used to repel ants. Take pepper and mashed to a fine powder, then add water until it becomes a paste. Then take a brush and rub the herb into areas that often become a nest of cockroaches and ants. The most effective way to repel cockroaches in the cupboard and dining table, apply on the legs of a table or cabinet. Guaranteed cockroaches and ants will not be approached.

Cockroaches do not like pungent odor. So put mothballs in the usual places traversed by cockroaches. Can be placed whole or crushed.

Put a handful of lavender flower seeds in a container and place it in the bathroom or drawer. The smell of lavender flower seeds will repel cockroaches and freshen the room.


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  1. There are certain things that you wish to un-see once you have seen them. Cockroach is one of them, it is also one of the most disgusting and grossest creatures on earth. Getting rid of cockroaches is the first and foremost step you need to take. One look at a cockroach can ruin your whole day and just imagine what if you accidently touched it? Puking all over the floor, sterilizing yourself