How to Get Rid Termites From Your Home Naturally

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These small insects are included in the category of social insects (groups), such as ants and bees. Termites will survive in groups or colonies, in a way that termites can get their needs for survival. Termites build nests form of long hallways were made of soil, and the hallway leading to the place they were looking for food. In some areas there are termites that build their homes with very high made of earth mound.

Basically the presence of termites in your home difficult to detect. If a lot of wood in your home suffered loss, then you know it. Wood-eating insect is small, it could take wooden beams measuring 4 meters in less than 6 months. This will inevitably harm the structure of the wooden furniture of your home.

How to get rid termite from your home
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Termites are the bane of furniture made of wood. Termites eat wood and lodged in the frame home furnishing or causing many economic losses. The existence of this termite can certainly cause harm and damage to furniture made of wood. Actually, you can use anti-termite to eradicate this wood-eating insects. However, drugs that contain chemicals harmful to health and is certainly advisable to use natural ingredients that are proven effective in killing termites. Here are some ways to kill or get rid of termites naturally.

Getting Rid Termites From Your Home

Tobacco is toxic to many species of insects, tobacco is also effective in getting rid of termites in your home. How to make it is by soaking tobacco in water overnight, it is to remove the toxins in tobacco to come out and mixed or dissolved in water. Spray the mixture of tobacco on termites, or you can also spray the tobacco mixture directly into termite nests. Liquid toxins in tobacco is effectively kill termites.

Salt is also effective to kill or get rid of termites. Just sprinkle enough salt in termite nests, but this method is less effective because salt only on the surface. To be more effective, able to mix the salt with water and tobacco. Let stand for one night and spray in places where there are a lot of termites.

You can also use kerosene to repel termites. The trick is to spray kerosene on wood that has been attacked by termites or also spray in termite nests. To be effective, you can also add the citronella oil into kerosene.

You can use rice to repel termites. The trick, soak rice in water until the water changes color to whitish, then spray in termite nest area, the termites will move away from the wooden furniture in your house.


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  1. These are all effective alternatives to driving out termites from one’s home, though it’s still advisable to seek the aid of a professional exterminator, if only to assess the damage that the termites have done to your home. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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  2. Salt is the best option to get rid of termites. Other tips are also useful.

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  3. Oh wow, so those are the type of solutions to get rid of termites naturally. I've actually hear about using kerosene but, hearing about rice against the termites is something new to me. Maybe I can give it a try and use it against the fiery ants that keep my wife keeps finding in our basement.

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