How to Get Rid Snakes From Your Home

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If your home is close to the outdoors, fields and bushes it could at any time there is a snake that enters your home. Then how to repel snakes from inside the house, yard and garage space in your home? Getting rid of snakes in the area of your home does not have to kill them, just expel the snake to stay away from the home area. Many people say that the snake is an animal that is scary, disgusting, ridiculous, and so on. However, not all types of snakes ought to be despised. Because, basically, snakes only attack when they feel disturbed, most other snake species will only defense or to protect themselves when there is interference. Many facts about snakes that not many people know. Most of you will shudder and instantly kill any notice these reptiles.

Actually you do not kill this snake, because indirectly they participate in maintaining the continuity of the ecosystem. You do not need to kill this snake, just capture or drive them away from your home, to reduce the harmful effect on your family.

getting rid of snakes from your home
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There is a wrong notion and myth, that in order to avoid the snake attacks can be done with salt (sodium chloride). In fact, it turns out wrong! Snakes do not fear at all of the salt. Because basically snakes are not slimy or animal species commonly called mollusks. Thus, the salt will have no effect to repel snakes. Here are some pointers if you find a snake in your house or yard.

  • Try not to panic.
  • Do not make sudden movements that could provoke the snake to attack you. Snakes only attack if they feel threatened.
  • Try to identify the type of snake. Whether it is a kind of poisonous snakes or snakes that are not poisonous. Generally snakes found entry to the residential area in the desert or in the hot areas are rattlesnakes. And if your house is located in a tropical area, Cobra is a venomous snake species found in many tropical regions.
  • Throw out the snakes away from home. If possible, and there is sufficient courage of course, you can catch the snake by confining them by using containers such as buckets. Do not kill the snake because the snake somehow useful to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.
  • To repel snakes to stay away from the house or yard, use a wooden stick, broom handle or using a long-handled whatever, it does have a purpose that you do not contact too close to the snake.
  • You need to consider that there are several types of snakes like the Cobra, which can be sprayed poison into your eyes. Therefore, use safety glasses, gloves and protective clothing from snake venom which is dangerous for your safety. Avoid bursts of venom into the eyes, nostrils, mouth or broken skin surface.
  • And the most important thing is to contact animal control center, fire department, or other relevant personnel to obtain a more professional handlers to repel snakes.

All about snakes you need to know:

1. Snakes are not animals which have nests. This means that they do not choose a specific place to settle down for a long time. Snakes are nomadic animals. They are always on the move to find food. While in the area many rats, toads, then they will stay there until the food source runs out.

2. Snakes are not afraid of salt! It's a myth that most people know that if we sprinkle salt, then the snake will go away. It turns out wrong!

3. Snake scared with fragrance smelling. Probably the easiest way is to repel snakes to spray with air freshener or perfume for the body. If a snake trapped in a room. Tightly cap the room, spray with air freshener and leaving an opening hole which is connected to the outside, where we expect the snake will avoid scented air freshener, and run out through the hole. You can set a trap in the form of a sack or container in the gap of the exit hole.

5. Snake scared or always avoid clawed animals such as cats and dogs. Snakes always avoid animal's claws. Interestingly, the fight between a snake vs cat, the cat is always a winner when they fight.

6. There are two possibilities snakes get into your home. The first possibility because they lost, and go into your house. The second possibility, the sensor captures there was a rat or something edible in the house. If in the house there are a lot of rats, it is possible that the snake will fit into your home. Prevent by always cleaning the warehouse and the room, which can be used mice to nest. Because the snake like a dark and quiet.

7. The Cobra Snake active on level ground. In contrast to Python is adept at climbing trees, fence, pole house, because it is often found in plasterboard houses.

8. Kobra actively foraging at night and silent sleep during the day. Also vigilant when it's raining. Snakes will be out to keep warm from the cold hole after the rain. Flood plain also dragged the snake from its nest and possibly stranded in your home.


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