How to Get Rid Lizards and Geckos Naturally

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Lizard and gecko is a reptile that is included in the family Gekkonidae. For some people, this reptile is nuisance animals because feces are smelly and nasty, leaving a bad odor around the rooms of your house. Lizards and geckos eat ants, small insects and are usually found in trees and the environment around the house. Actually, geckos and lizards help sustain ecosystems in reducing the number of mosquitoes, ants and other small insects in our homes.

Most people do not like the lizard because of the shape of the body structure is ridiculous and creepy. Lizards and geckos also often noisy sound many times, especially at night. In addition lizard and gecko also likes to eat food in the kitchen. That means lizard and gecko could carry disease into your home environment.

get rid lizards and geckos naturally
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Using chemicals to kill the lizard and gecko certainly could endanger the safety of your family members, even residues of chemicals that you use in this reptile repellent supplies, could have been left in the room of your home in a long time. Here are some ways that you can use to repel lizard and gecko in your home environment in a natural way.

Get Rid Lizards and Geckos Naturally

Coffee and snuff
You can kill lizards and geckos using this material. Prepare the coffee powder and powdered tobacco ratio of 4: 1 it means that if you use 4 tablespoons of powdered coffee, then you have to prepare and mix with 1 tablespoon powdered tobacco. Mixed use less water and form into small spheres such as pellets and then placed in a room that many lizards or geckos. This reptile would be attracted by the smell of coffee and when they eat it, lizard or gecko will be killed by tobacco toxins.

Combine powdered pepper and a little water and use to spray a spot that is often bypassed by the lizard and gecko. Lizards and geckos do not like the smell of pepper pungent, and they will leave your house. This method is proven to repel lizard and gecko.

Red onion
This way methods such as pepper water. Red onions create an eye sore on these reptiles, thinly sliced red onion and place in a room that is often bypassed by the lizard and gecko. This will make the lizard eyes stinging and smell of onion has a pungent odor that is hated by the lizard and gecko. Besides using red onion you can also use garlic and it is also effective to repel lizard and gecko from inside your home.

Egg shells
According to some studies suggest that eggshells can be used and have a psychological effect to bully lizards. Because egg shells that you place in the area are lizards and geckos, lizards would leave the place with the assumption that other organisms in areas that are consuming their eggs. Replace the egg shells after every 3-4 weeks until the lizard and gecko away from your home.


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  1. Hello I first saw a Gecko lizard coming from my cabinet and I was a little shakin up about it? Then I saw another one coming from my floor vent, and that was number2, next day numbe3. And all 3 ran into my closet in my bedroom. I am scared and wanted to know how can I kill them .

    1. disgusting. any other animal you would like to kill? are you not happy with the 6th extinction going on? you are creepy and weird, and very ignorant and egocentric.

  2. If you could purchase a spray called gogecko it's in a white spray bottle but that will ward them off indefinitely.

  3. There are ways of doing in the simplest from