How to Get Rid of Rats & Mice in Your Home

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Have you ever felt angry with the number of rats and mice in your house, get annoyed because their sound is noisy or even feel disgusted with their droppings scattered about? Rats and mice are pests for most people, they will enter your home when they are interested in something that invite their attention such as food, a comfortable place for rats, dark and warm places, etc. The best and effective way to avoid annoying problem is to prevent the presence of rats and mice itself. Make sure rats and mice do not feel invited or be tempted to come to your home.

Rat has many types and generally all types of mice is rodent except shrews. These types of mice such as field mice, rats, house mice, shrews, etc. Rat is also a kind of omnivore (eating everything) so when they run out of food in their natural habitat, they will try to find other available foods, including foods that exist in your home.

Rats and mice love the place and the room was dark, cluttered, a little damp and poorly maintained clean. Such as mice and other rodents, rats liked the room cluttered, dark and dirty. Rats will eat anything similar to what we humans eat, and as consumers of the same food, to keep these foods out of their reach an effective way to prevent rodents into your home. Clean up crumbs, oil, and remnants of food.

Getting Rid of Rats & Mice in Your Home
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And the most annoying is when the rat has found a comfortable place with plenty of food, they will feel at home and will be settled in the long term, it means that as long as they live rats and mice will multiply rapidly. If you do not want it to happen in your home, here are some effective ways to repel rodents from your home.

Getting Rid of Rats & Mice in Your Home

Keep your house stays clean
As I explained above, rats and mice like places or rooms were dirty, dark and messy. Maintain the cleanliness of all the existing space in your home will make the rats do not feel at home and will certainly go out of your house and look for a new place to stay.

Keep a pet as a predator rats and mice
In its natural habitat, owls, hawks, cats, snakes, etc. is a natural predator of rats and mice. Now you can keep an animal is an enemy or predator rats and mice. Be sure to keep a pet that is not harmful to your family such as cats, dogs and owls. This pet will eat rats and mice in your home or at least expel rats and mice go out of your house.

Mousetrap is a solution that is easy and you can use it to repel rodents. Mousetrap has many types, trap set to kill rats or just to catch them. And I personally prefer the trap does not kill rats and mice, the reason is when you kill rats or mice with the trap (my own experience) it will be more rats and mice are entering your home.

I will give effective tips to repel rats, using traps to catch rats or mice. When you successfully catch rats or mice do not kill them, take the white or red paint (or other striking colors) then use to paint fur rats or mice that you successfully catch. Once the paint is dry on the fur, release and let roam in your home. Rats or mice that you paint with striking colors will repel other mice in your home, why did it happen? Because mice and other rodents that exist in your home (may number in the dozens) they will be afraid of the rats that we paint with striking colors, and you can prove it works.

Using rat poison
Many rat poison in pet stores offered at an affordable price, there is a rat poison that will kill the rats and mice into an open space before they die, so it is easy to dispose of dead rats easily without we need to find in the dark or hidden room. But if you are concerned about the impact of rat poison on the safety of other pets in your home, you can use natural ingredients to kill rats and mice. Here are some useful materials repel and kill rats:

Herbs and spices
Spices or herbs are hated by rats is garlic, pepper, lemongrass, orange peel, durian, mint leaves. Use one of the materials available in your home and then thinly sliced and placed in a room that a lot of rats and mice, rats or other rodents will run away from your home.


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