How to Make Money Blogging (6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog)

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Actually, the general functions of the blog is to facilitate the expression of bloggers pour what they thought into writing. Writing about the experience, sharing knowledge, writing guide, how to, tutorial and others.

But if you manage it properly, blogs can be very profitable. Blogs can make a lot of money for you. To be able to make enough money from blogs, you also need to create a successful blog. The key to success in creating profitable blogs depending on how you can create a blog that is rich in visitors, the high organic traffic, unique visitors and quality blog content.

Once you are able to bring more visitors to your blog, you can determine how your steps to make money from your blog. Here are some ways to make money from blogs.

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How to Make Money Blogging?

Advertising Program
This is the most common way and probably the easiest way to do by the bloggers. You could be the publisher ads from advertisers who are interested in their advertisements on your blog. Of course, to get money from advertisers who are interested in advertising on your blog, your blog must have a lot of unique visitors every day. Simple formula, the more visitors to your blog, the more "sexy" your blog in the eyes of advertisers.

A blogger can make money by providing space on the blog for ad placements directly from clients. If your blog is rich visitors, has a great opportunity to get ads from advertisers. Sponsorship system can also be done through the post. Where we are asked to review or write about a topic based on orders from clients, and we paid for it.

The second most common way to do is join a contextual advertising program, which is where the ads are displayed according to the keywords blog content. Some advertising network system using the CPC (Cost Per Cliks) is that you will earn money based on the number of visitor clicks on the ads that you post on your blog.

If you use this method, you do not need to find advertisers for advertising network program will provide it to you. All you need is to apply as a publisher partner and if your application is accepted you will get ad code to be installed on your blog. Some programs advertising network the most widely used by bloggers is Google Adsense, Yahoo Adsense, Chitika, Bidvertiser etc.

Affiliate Program
Affiliate is a program where you earn money from promoting products (can also services) of others. Generally, you do not need to buy these products to join. The money you earn will depend on the number of visitors who buy the products that you offer in your blog or on your blog subscribers list.

Some examples of the most widely followed affiliates are hosting affiliate (eg hosting Hostgator), books or ebooks, software (such as the Long Tail Pro), services, Amazon, Clickbank etc.

The major advantage of this affiliation is you do not have to bother to make a product that you want to offer to visitors of your blog. You simply make a review or display banners such products or services. Of course review and banner contains affiliate links that you get from the affiliate provider.

As with the CPC program, shortcomings of this method is that you do not get a direct commission you earn. You must wait a period or the minimum payment is determined by each affiliate providers. Your income can also be lost because you are violating the terms and conditions of the affiliate provider.

Selling products or services
If you have a product or service in the form of expertise that can be sold, through a blog you can sell it and make money. Additional information that I need to say that, the development of online business today is highlighting the business players to get a chance to make money.

It also can not be separated from the development of technology and the ease and comfort in the substance of the transaction, but not in spite of the risks. Speaking about the risks which can not be avoided in the business, will always exist, now how do we manage these risks as small as possible. For services, you may be able to sell your abilities and skills, in designing a blog / website or SEO techniques you have etc.

Write a review about the product
Program you can do to make money through your blog or website by writing a review of a product (product / service). The contents of the review aims to invite visitors to use / buy the product.

Advertiser will pay you, when products or services have been reviewed in the form of articles or posts on your blog or website that you have. The more we review products, the more money we make.

If you choose to earn money from paid review program, strategy or technique that you must have is SEO and how to write quality articles and sell. So when people who read a review article that you wrote, are interested in buying and using products that you review.

Selling services
You have a particular skill? You can earn money by offering the expertise in your blog. For example, if you are adept at designing a logo, you can offer logo creation services to the visitors of your blog. In addition to logo creation services, regular services are services offered by bloggers blog design, blog creation, SEO, article writing, translation etc.

If you get the client directly without intermediaries, you will get a 100% money from your services. If through a broker, you have to share the commission with your client intermediaries. You must have the skills required by the client and demonstrate it. Done by making a post about your skills or create a platform.

Selling Ebooks
You can make money from your blog by selling digital books (eBooks). If you sell eBooks, all you do is change your books from MS Word to PDF format. Method of payment for these eBooks can transfer money to your bank account or transfer to your Paypal account.

Ebooks that you sell must be qualified, so help your blog readers solve the problem. Surely, you must provide substantial time to research, write, and edit the book to create a quality e-books.


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