How to Apply Google Adsense Account Quickly Accepted

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Google Adsense is one of the CPC (Cost Per Click) are most favored by publishers from around the world to monetize their sites. Google Adsense is one of the alternatives for the site owners to make money online from their blogs. The ads displayed on the blog very relevant, in accordance with the keyword and niche blogs, so it is not surprising that Google adsense become the world's largest advertising network. Unfortunately, to become a member and earn money from Google AdSense is not an easy thing.

Many blog owners difficulties when registering their blog or website to Google Adsense, even a lot of blogs that were rejected by Google. Rejected not mean that your blog is not good, but the blog has not met the criteria set by the Google adsense, and it gives us the opportunity to manage our blog better, so that in the future our blog worthy of being a publisher. Actually enroll in the Google advertising program is not too difficult, as long as your blog is worth a publisher and meets the applicable terms and conditions.

Many bloggers who have tried to register their blogs, but not all accepted into the Google Adsense publisher. This is because a website or blog that is registered does not meet the criteria expected by Google. Google Adsense network developer want a website / blog that a publisher is a quality sites and meet all rules set by Google.

how to apply google adsense account for easily
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In the past to register your blog / website Google AdSense is very easy. But with the growth and development of the Internet is growing rapidly, Google Adsense has made many changes in their services and adapted to existing developments, and only crawl blogs / sites that actually qualified. Creating a blog perfunctory and filled with low-quality content, and then register it in Google Adsense is an action that is wasted because of your blog will definitely not be accepted.

Then how to apply Google Adsense to quickly fully approved on your blog? Uniqueness, value selling, and originality of a website is a very important requirement in order to be accepted by Google Adsense. All advertising programs with CPC system, almost has similarities with other CPC advertising programs. Of course they want a website publisher partners, could provide a good promotion or marketing to advertisers. Actually the process to apply Google adsense is very easy, but to be accepted on the Google CPC program, you must consider several important things. Here are some things you need to consider, so that your blog full approved by Google Adsense.

Content is king
As mentioned previously, the originality of an idea or content on your website is an important value for Google Adsense. They are very concerned about whether the content in a useful website for users or not. Actually all the content on the internet, many are discussing the same topic. However, significant differences were about how the presentation or way of writing. For example, you write about "how to register your blog to Google Adsense", of course, there is a lot of content on other sites that discuss this. However, how to write and how to present content on your blog is definitely different from the content on other people's blogs.

Well, if your content is the result of a duplicate, copy and paste from other sources, most likely your site will not be approved to participate in the Google Adsense PPC program. Content is king, who wants to be king must be something different and best. After becoming king, who can resist your desire.

Age blog/website
Consider the age of the site that you register for a Google Adsense because they pay attention to the age of the website, the amount of content, the number of visitors, page views, and others. No one knows for sure how old blog recommended. Refer to the website google adsense mention, at least the age of blogs that registered at least 6 months for China, India, Pakistan and some other countries.

If you currently have a blog which is already 6 months old, already has a lot of quality content, original and unique visitors have stable, it could convince the Google Adsense that your blog is a good place to publish advertisements.

The number of articles in Website / Blog
The amount of content is one of the important factors to be accepted in Google Adsense. I'm not sure how much the minimum content of a website in order to be accepted, but I personally would be more readily accepted if we have a lot of content websites. I suggest to make a minimum of 60 content articles before signing up with Google Adsense.

For the blog platform Blogger, you ought to be frequently updated content on your blog as this could affect the valuation of Google. Blogs are frequently updated by their owners will certainly have a better chance accepted by Google Adsense compared with blogs that are rarely updated.

Use or
If you already have a domain and hosting your own, then the chances of being accepted by Google Adsense would be great, of course, having regard to the previous points. However, if you want to use a domain and hosting for free, and wants to be a Google Adsense publisher, then you should use

Google Adsense can not be installed on a blog created by, WordPress subdomains, or domains you own that use free hosting on WordPress. It is the policy and provisions of the is a free blogging service provided by the Google. Surely this is a distinct advantage for those who use a free blog, because Google has always provided an opportunity for the users of this free blog, to monetize their blog with Google Adsense program.

If you do not want to create a blog, there are still other ways, namely by signing up on Surely you must have some original video content uploaded to This video should have the views are pretty much in order to be accepted in the Google Adsense program.

Supporting Information Page
It's good your site is equipped with supporting information pages, such as page About, Privacy Policy, Contact, Disclaimer. It will make your site look serious and pay attention to your blog visitors.

Content that you create does not have to be "extraordinary" to be accepted by Google Adsense. The important thing is to present useful content for users, of course, written in a unique way, not the result of copying other people's blog content. There are many bloggers who have a regular income from Google Adsense ads on their blogs, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. Well, if you want to monitize your website / blog by way of advertising, Google Adsense one of the programs that you should consider.


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